by TSELA (say-la)

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MAPS is the first EP release by TSELA (say-la), an electronic indie rock band from NYC.


released April 21, 2015

Written and Performed by Julian "Julz-A" Hintz & Ian Sherman.
Additional Drums & Percussion by Michael St. Julien
Recorded at Lost Penny Music, Lenox Sound & City, and Rift Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Tom Gardner at Rift Studios



all rights reserved


TSELA (say-la) New York, New York

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Track Name: Broken
I'm not playing this game anymore.
Too many times I've been left on the floor.
I've given you everything, still you want more.
Left me with nothing, don't know what it's for.
Beating me down just to settle the score.
You've broken my heart, my clothing you tore.
I'm last on your list, I'm less than a chore.
You called me a bastard, you called me a whore.
This lonely child that you left in the store.
The tables have turned from the hole that you bore.
Don't try to argue, no need to implore.
I'm not holding back, this time it means war.
I'll show no mercy or need to contend.
Your blood and hair in a pool will blend.
This one's for all of my life that you've broken.
Kept me locked up like a dog in a pen.
I'm not the same one you knew way back then.
Willing to do anything you demand.
Twisting my body however you bend.
Broken in two beyond ways to mend.
Searching for something that signals the end.
Careful around you, try not to offend.
Planning escape, but I just don't know when.
Turning the corner, you pull me back in.
I'm broken
I'm broken.
Track Name: Blind Illusion
It grows inside of me,
A feeling from the start.
A thought reminds me,
Reminds me
You still can break my heart.

Can you feel it?
I hope you don't mind
How do you feel
Deep inside
Stolen moments
Choose me to confide.
How can we heal?
Let the feeling ride
Put away,
Lost notion.
A leap of faith
I'm drowning in place

I feel your memory,
Voice reverberates.
You're mixed poison
My mind starts to fade
See strange things
My mind complicates.
Don’t stray,
Stay the course.
Try not to sway,
You left with no remorse.

How can we find it?
Wish we could rewind it.
The possibility.
Teased emotions
The promise is true indeed
We could meet.
Down the line.
May complete
Unlock the path leave all behind.
Track Name: Wrong
Try to find a way through
Days and nights without you.
I could not admit to this,
I fight the fall, but can’t resist.
I’m looking 'round;
About to drown;
I’m breaking down.
I’m breaking down.

All this time.
It leads to crime.
All is wrong,
That feeds this song.
I can't go on
I just hold on.

The ticking clock inside my head
Enough for me to watch instead
The minutes count until you’re near
I’ll never mention all I fear.
I wear the glove,
Come from above,
And push to shove,
Yeah, feel the love.

The blood is warm and my ears ring.
The devils dance as angels sing.
A deed is done and can’t be changed.
In seconds life is rearranged.
The hour is high,
No time to lie.
I want to cry,
But dry my eye.
Track Name: Good Night
You and I
We say our goodbyes
We close our eyes
To dream

floating... I find myself
Down broadway.
Drifting, drifting
I grab your mane
An ocean of stars
To Guide our way.
What becomes of this place.
I hold my breath and pray
Drowning drowning
Your face appears
It takes me home. Tiptoe; we play, we play, we play.

I told her to stop crying.
She controls the rain.
Everything, everything will be ok.
Comfort comes first
When you feel most pain.
Tragic and loss, We pay the cost.
Dreaming, dreaming. It fades away.
Let’s pretend. Make believe
Truly see this place.
It will be, will be
What we’re meant to see.
Track Name: Riot
Everybody wants to try it
When the city starts to Riot.

All around people throw it everywhere.
Private opinions posted on the wall.
As the ink dries, someone else replies.
Dig a disservice as she cries.
People get together, grab all your things.
Marching one voice, the choir sings.
Bring in the quiet ones down the hall.
Put ‘em in the front, lime light withdrawal.
From addicts to thieves, they all take time.
Placed on a platform to preach the crime.
Drowning in darkness to find your soul.
Nothing in return worth spit or gold.
Fighting with words, and fight with fists.
All can be heard in an anthem like this.
Flags go up, the trumpets blare.
The city burns, does anyone care?

Ask the whole world to scream my name;
Then all together, we share the shame.
Higher and higher we try to climb.
Spewing our egos to fill the time.
In a quick minute, jump on the ride.
Searching the world we have nothing to hide.
Life is a game that we play online.
Everything we see, we call it mine.
All things stop, they come to an end.
The message is clear when the Riot descends.
Take out the king, throw out your cards.
Your president is next, with no regards.
The scams been caught, you kicked the can.
We're tired of hearing the same old plan.
Paying off a bailout, no security.
New names new rules, the game's still dirty.